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Brand: Boox Model: boox_note_air2_plus
Ultra-thin and securely assembled!A unique carbon-paper-sized screen made up of multiple layers of parts, all wrapped securely in an aluminum shell. The reader is elegant and thin, like paper itself.Easily manageable Android 11 and a powerful processor help you multi-task. Massive 4GB + 64GB storage..
Brand: Boox Model: boox_poke4_lite_bk
NO ENGLISH TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
Brand: Boox Model: boox_poke4_lite_wt
NO ENGLISH TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
Brand: PocketBook Model: PB_617
Great budget reader 2022!!! Your best choice!PocketBook 617 is a unique budget model. It is controlled by buttons and lacks a touch screen. But it has a number of options that came from top-class readers. This is a backlight with adjustable color temperature. This is support for Wi-Fi and the Pocke..
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Brand: Boox Model: boox_poke3_se
ONYX BOOX Poke 3 SE is a premium e-book reader in a compact slim body with an E Ink Carta Plus screen, MOON Light 2 backlight and SNOW Field function. The display of the device has high resolution and contrast, the pixel density is 300 pixels per inch, which corresponds to high-quality paper printin..
Brand: Amazon Kindle Model: Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle tops the list of most popular reading devices. The Amazon Kindle 10 is the latest member of this sprawling family community. The reader has been on sale since last year. The Amazon Kindle 10 is an entry-level product with an attractive price tag for non-demanding users.What's new ..
Brand: Amazon Kindle Model: Kindle Oasis
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 - топовый ридер производителя по цене и характеристикам. В новой версии устройство получило подсветку с регулировкой цветовой температуры. Свечение экрана автоматически регулируется по степени яркости и цвета оттенков. Тип подсветки зависит от внешнего освещения: в течение с..
Boox Poke 3
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Brand: Boox Model: Boox Poke 3
BOOX Poke 3 — премиальное устройство для чтения электронных книг в компактном тонком корпусе с экраном последнего поколения E Ink Carta Plus, имеющим подсветку MOON Light 2 и функцию SNOW Field. Экран устройства имеет высокие разрешение и контрастность, плотность пикселей составляет рекордные для да..
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Likebook Alita 10.3"
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Brand: LikeBook Model: Likebook Alita
Likebook Mars поддерживает Google Play StoreThe news about this e-book could easily have passed by, if not for one thing: the device uses an eight-core processor. Why did you need to supply such a Boyue Likebook Mars? This question disappears after the first two minutes of using this device: the e-..
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