Amazon Kindle 10

Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
Amazon Kindle 10
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  • Model: Kindle 10
  • Weight: 174.00g
  • Dimensions: 160.00mm x 113.00mm x 9.00mm
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Amazon Kindle tops the list of most popular reading devices. The Amazon Kindle 10 is the latest member of this sprawling family community. The reader has been on sale since last year. The Amazon Kindle 10 is an entry-level product with an attractive price tag for non-demanding users.

What's new in the tenth generation Kindle?

The most noticeable improvement in the reader is the display: for the first time in a basic Kindle, there is an integrated backlight. The new Amazon Kindle has 4 built-in LEDs (one less than the Kindle Paperwhite). There is no light sensor, so the screen brightness will have to be adjusted manually.

It is worth noting that the 6-inch display of the new model is not as clear as the screens of premium readers. Its resolution is small - 600 x 800 pixels, and the pixel density is 167 ppi. Despite the fact that Paperwhite offers almost twice as much (300 ppi), these features should not cause serious discomfort when working with documents on Kindle 2019. The text is legible and easy to read in all conditions, thanks to advanced e-ink technology. The display has sufficient contrast for reading in direct sunlight. However, comic and magazine lovers may complain about some blurry image due to low ppi.

Thinner and more compact than its predecessors

The design of the novelty is simple and completely discreet. Due to its compact size, the gadget can easily fit into a small women's handbag and will not take up much space in a training backpack. The body is made of plastic, weighs less than the average smartphone - 174 grams, and therefore does not tire your hands during long reading. For comparison: the weight of the updated Kindle Paperwhite 2019 is 182 g.

But a state employee is a state employee, so there is no way without compromise. The case is not waterproof. There are also no physical buttons for turning pages.

The screen is surrounded by thick bezels on all sides. If a smartphone or tablet had such a design, it would have caused a storm of indignation, but in the case of the reader, the presence of frames is completely justified: they are necessary so that the user's hands can firmly hold the device without getting their fingers on the touch zone.

At the bottom are the charging and wired port and the power button. The new Kindle is available in two colors - black and white. For the latter, it is recommended to use a cover, as dirt and scratches on the light-colored case are striking.


Amazon Kindle technical capabilities and software

The internal memory is 4 GB. About 1 GB is used for firmware. What's left is enough to hold a huge library. If you want something new, go to the home screen: there you will see recommendations based on your reading habits.

Built-in storage may not be enough for audiobook fans only. They will not be pleased with the lack of a slot for a memory card in the Kindle 10.

The main menu contains the most frequently used tabs - the main screen, settings, library, store and search. The settings menu is called up using a button made in the form of three vertical dots. It contains user account information, connection settings, read mode options, and more. The user interface and menus are virtually identical to those used on other Kindle devices. Anyone who switches to the Kindle 2019 from any old Amazon reader will quickly figure out the controls.


A long tap starts the Oxford Dictionary or Wikipedia word search function. A double tap on the upper display area opens a menu in which you can go to a specific page of the document. There you can also change the font and its size, page orientation, margin width and clock appearance. The 10th generation Kindle has received a filter with which you can find unread books among the local library. The reader's display responds quickly to touch, pages are loaded without lags.

Audiobook support

Each reader in the Kindle family has tight integration with Amazon's e-bookshop. There is also a section with audio books. You can listen to them on the Kindle 2019 through a wireless headset or speaker. The device does not have an audio jack.


The battery has always been a strong point of Amazon readers. And this time the manufacturer did not disappoint. A full charge of the new model can last for 3-4 weeks, subject to moderate use (no more than an hour a day). For avid readers, the Kindle 2019 will run out of battery in about a week.

Техническая информация
Производитель Амазон
Модель Amazon Kindle 10
Операционная система Linux
Подсветка экрана Есть
Размер экрана 6
Резолюция экрана 600x800 - 166.7 PPI (16-level gray scale) + 4 LED backlight
Процессор 1 ГГц
Оперативная память 256 Мб DDR
Внутренняя память 4 Гб
Расширение памяти Нет
Емкость батареи 890 mAh х 720 h (30 days of work) 10 000 pages
Поддерживаемые форматы Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, незащищенный MOBI, PRC; HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PMP через преобразование; Звуковой аудиоформат (AAX).
Аудио Bluetooth
Размеры 160 x 113 x 8,7 мм
Вес 174 гр
Дополнительная информация
Гарантия 1 год
Состояние Новый

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